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We provide a full suite of functions designed for all solo artists, teams and agencies in the entertainment industry.

Artists, singers and musicians

Manage your gigs and appointments

Receive and register booking requests, make a deal with your client and send out the contract. Communicate with team members and your agent. Get your invoices paid.

Live bands and groups

Collaborate with the whole band

Invite group members and send out RSVP invites to substitutes. Chat and upload a set list, stage plan and technical rider. Send contracts and invoices.

Speakers and masters of ceremony

Details for every meeting

Store all the information, like the purpose of the meeting and the composition of the audience. Communicate with your agent and personal assistant. Manage your finances.

Deejays and vjs

Bookings and travel in one schedule

Gather all the information required for your booking and send the agreement. Create an itinerary and register expenses. Get invoices paid with credit card or bank.

Dancers and dance groups

Rehearsals and performances

Schedule appointments to work towards a performance with your team. RSVP team members, create performance contracts, register expenses and send invoices.

Theater and cabaret

Sell your production to venues

Keep track of all your tour dates and venue information. Work together with your team. Send and receive invoices and register the costs and expenses.

Branches we serve

Artist agencies
Disc jockey's
Live acts
Dance groups
Video jockey's
Make-up artists
Artist teams
Solo artists
Street theater
Masters of ceremony
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Multiple schedules for agencies

Keep track of all your gigs and appointments

Receive booking requests. Create and manage options, confirmed bookings and appointments. Store all required information, assign tasks, make deals, communicate with team members and all in one easy-to-use application.

Team members

Share with team members and work together

Share artist schedules with group members, tour manager and other team members. Add comments, tasks, files, itinerary and delegate member fees.

Save time on contracts and riders

Send contracts your clients can sign online

Send branded contracts with technical and hospitality riders. Keep track of the return status. Get started with a predefined template or create your own.

Make deals and send invoices

Invoices paid with credit card

Simply set up your logo and business information. Make a deal, add payment instances and send invoices to your client. Get paid using online bank payments.

Work alone or in a team

For individuals, groups and agencies

Artwin Live is for every team size, whether you work alone, in a group or as an entertainment agency. Create many schedules, book non-exclusive artists and invite team members. Assign bookings and tasks to team members and agents.

More features at a glance

Send contracts and invoices
eSignature for contracts
Send option confirmation
Get paid with credit card
Duplicate bookings
Manage booking requests
Multiple contract templates
Details and advancing
Sign contracts online
Calculate fees and costs
Region and date check
Invite group members
Export to csv and pdf
Email templates
Artist profile pages
Work with agents
Non-exclusive artists
Create appointments and bookings
VAT and taxes
Create and send itinerary
Booking embed form
Team member permissions
RSVP team members
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Subscriptions include all features of Artwin Live. Solo is without team features, like RSVP. Free onboarding service.

Free trial
try now with 10 bookings
including contracts and invoices
Single team
Try with team members
Forever free: Join unlimited
teams shared by other users
€ 29 /mo
billed annually or
€ 34 month to month + taxes
Individual use
No team features
1 contract template
€ 49 /mo
billed annually or
€ 59 month to month + taxes
Single team
Work with team members
2 contract templates
€ 99 /mo
billed annually or
€ 119 month to month + taxes
10 teams or unlimited non-exclusive
2 agents (users)
10 contract templates
Agency Growth
€ 189 /mo
billed annually or
€ 209 month to month + taxes
20 teams and unlimited non-exclusive
4 agents (users)
Unlimited contract templates
Upgrade available 40 team + 8 agents
€ 749 /mo
billed annually or
€ 799 month to month + taxes
Unlimited teams and non-exclusive
Unlimited agents (users)
Unlimited contract templates
Multiple business identities